• Creation

    Ah, the most mysterious part of our work: creating a new brand from thin air. Genesis.

    Truth is, there’s no formula for creating an awesome brand. It remains one of the strangest disciplines. Each time we come up with “rules” all brands must follow, we find a great brand that breaks ‘em. Branding remains an art more than a science.

    And a new brand requires a magic spark to get off the ground—like the four-note hook that propels a pop song up the charts.

    That’s where we come in.

    We have a track record for creating that spark—for creating high-impact brands from white canvases. Brands that excite the target audience, instill loyalty, and drive action. The kinds people fall in love with.

    We’re equally at home writing the brand’s lyrics—the name, tagline, mission, story, and tonality—as we are dreaming up a striking visual vocabulary—the logo, shapes, and color palettes that form an identity.

  • Reinvention

    We love creating brands. But most of the time, we’re not actually dreaming up new ones—we’re fixing existing ones.

    Well, “fixing” is a vague term. Clients come to us because:

    • Their brand is stale, or it’s fallen out of style. Rx: refresh
    • They need to build marketshare with new segments. Rx: enhancement
    • The product or service is evolving—or new offerings are being added—& the brand needs to catch up. Rx: extension
    • The brand is having a general identity crisis—for example, key stakeholders are confused about it. Rx: definition/rebranding

    Whatever the need, we get to work on the brand. Like creative doctors, we ask lots of questions, run tests, and diagnose the situation.

    And then we perform the extreme brand makeover (or subtle adjustment) the brand needs to reach its full potential.

  • Activation

    Having an awesome brand is one thing—getting it out there is another. That’s activation.

    There are many ways to promote a brand. The combination of activities depends on the audience, the budget, the timeframe, and the brand identity itself.

    And coming up with a high-impact, efficient activation strategy—and then making it happen—is what we do.

    No two campaigns are alike, but we frequently use some combination of these activities—with a special passion for TV ads and social media:

    • Advertising
      • TV
      • Online (including social media)
      • Print
      • Outdoor
    • Social media
    • Websites
    • Apps
    • Live Events
    • eMail marketing

    It’s rare we need to go all-in with all these activities on a single campaign. Efficiency is key. Lean, value-driven campaigns are best!